Day 2 without mom.

Mom died Wednesday afternoon just before noon. She died peacefully. She had been dying for so long that there wasn’t much difference between her living and dying. She was laying in the bed, not talking or doing anything for days. Watching what was going on around her. Conscious. Then poof, gone. She vanished.

She was waiting for something, but none of us knew what that was. Death was always just a breath away, but she was struggling to not die. Monday was more of a gift than I could have imagined. She was finally just there. No struggle. Not trying to talk. Taking small sips of water. She was so tiny, but peaceful.  Good Night Mom.

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  1. Linda Zbigley April 14, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    Two years have passed quickly. I am moved reading your words about your Mom’s passing a second time. Now I understand the photo memory of your mother on Facebook.

    Mistook your new red Logo as a book. Like Logo very much. Stunning red accents you. Love Linda

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