Natal Charts

The natal horoscope represents what one is capable of achieving. It sets no ceiling on what is possible. During a natal reading,  we focus on your tendencies and potential helping you undestand your strengths and weaknesses.

Transits & Progressions

This one-hour reading is appropriate on a yearly basis, as some of the slower moving planets set a course that lasts for at least one year.  It shows where life is asking you for more structure, where a more artistic or spiritual approach is needed, where there is deep, long lasting upheaval tending toward transformation. It also covers the most immediate and pressing concerns the individual is facing.



This is a reading on relationships.  It compares two horoscopes, highlighting areas of ease and of stress.  Every relationship offers opportunity for growth.  Some relationships were meant to be sibling-like, some are teacher/student.  In some there are few connections, signaling perhaps that it’s time to let go and move on.

Tarot only

This is either a one-hour or half-hour reading in which the total focus is on circumstances affecting you and your current situation.  You might choose to spend the whole session asking a series of questions. An audio file is made and emailed to you.

For each session or reading, it is most helpful to have the exact time, date and place of birth.  When the birth time is unknown, I focus on planetary placements for the day and year of birth.

Most readings (other than natal only) use both the astrological horoscope and tarot.

Baby Horoscopes

This is a half hour reading on the general tendencies and personality characteristics of your child. This is based on the time, date and place of the child’s birth.

You will receive a CD of the interpretation and a copy of the horoscope.


  • New client/first session.One-hour reading of astrology or tarot: $200.
  • All follow-up one-hour sessions: $175.
  • Half hour of astrology or tarot: $100.
  • Full hour compatibility: $300. This is most effective if there is complete birth data for at least one of the people and birthdate and year for the other person.
  • Solar return and yearly forecast: $175.00
  • Simple compatibility: $50. will be added to your hourly fee.  This information will be included in your hour reading. This is appropriate when you have some questions on your relationship, but you don’t want the focus of your reading to be about this. (I need the date of year of the person.)
  • Burned and mailed CD (rather than e-mailed audio file which is free): $10. (includes postage and packaging).
  • The ONLY way to reach Lucy is via email:

Form of payment: Cash, Paypal or personal check. Payment in advance is required.

My Services

Lucy Pond is available for one-hour or half-hour readings. Most readings involve a combination of current astrology, tarot , and numerology. In each reading, Lucy seeks to help clients unlock and apply their innate wisdom to problem solving. In each reading there is time for questions.

Getting Started

Want to get started? Just shoot me an email with your name, contact information, what services you are thinking about, and any birth information you have (date & time). Talk to you soon! »