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Definitely Not Mainstream My Life as an Astrologer

“I never thought you would become someone who’d sell spiders and charms.” That was my dad’s reaction when I said I was going to be an astrologer. He’s not the only person I’ve had a negative reaction from. Years later my unflappable and always-confident therapist told me, “I wish you’d have come to me sooner. […]

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I Ching meditation

When I awoke, I was awash in confusion. There are family matters swimming around in my brain. Should I do something? What would that be? Should I do nothing?  (which is another form of action). Too many unknowns. Before I begin an I Ching meditation, I write down all the thoughts that create the moment. […]

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Things I learned from my mom

Be Kind. Give to those less fortunate than you. Rent your clothes (give them to charity when you are finished). Paint your home frequently. When you feel stuck, rearrange the furniture. Keep physically active. Always have a book to read. Look your best, always. Make your bed as soon as you get up. Only shop […]

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Things I learned from my mom

Never, ever throw anything out of the refrigerator unless it is covered in mold. Expiration dates are a ballpark figure. In college my boyfriend Jim would come to our house frequently, but rarely for a meal. He referred to our “refrigerator” as a biology experiment.    Thanks mom!

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Full Moon in Scorpio

This morning, May 15th, the Moon has moved into the water sign of Scorpio and it isn’t full until early tomorrow. This morning we are dealing with a waxing, water moon. So get out in the garden, I know wear your slicker, and plant some seeds. It is a stellar gardening day and efforts will […]

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The Chair Affair 2011

This was the weekend of the Chair Affair in Portland. The site was the old Sak’s Department store in downtown Portland. The proceeds go to helping homeless and other people in need of household supplies. I have been looking forward to this event for months, and I had worked on creating my Chair for over […]

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I Ching

It had been a day and a half since we visited Mom when I received a phone informing me that mom had just died peacefully in her sleep. It was expected news, but it still left me dazed.  I decided to throw the I Ching, not with any particular question, but as a meditation on […]

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Day 2 without mom.

Mom died Wednesday afternoon just before noon. She died peacefully. She had been dying for so long that there wasn’t much difference between her living and dying. She was laying in the bed, not talking or doing anything for days. Watching what was going on around her. Conscious. Then poof, gone. She vanished. She was […]

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Mom is dying

A few days ago I received a call from my sister.  She had just finished signing papers for Mom:  Comfort only; do not resuscitate. Mom is in a full-care facility and needs help with every form of daily living.  As of yesterday, she’d stopped eating.  She refuses to drink anything but enough sips of water to […]

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Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog. I intended to get this started quite some time ago, but didn’t do it until now, Spring 2011. Life kept getting in the way. Not that anything has slowed down. It’s more like the sense of “just do it” got louder. This is the time and place […]

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